Welcome too Enchanted Metals, Thank you for visiting. Hopefully we can help you with whatever it is you need done. If you are not sure whats going on around here well you can order completely custom pieces such as Jewelry, Leather gear such as sheaths,¬†scabbards, and much more, also you can order something to be forged. Now obviously you may love the style and would like some jewelry but not know what you would want. Lucky for you i have already many styles to choose from already and of course you can request specific styles and designs or mix and match ones that are already show. Next you can look for a specific color and size. AND YES! This same sort of procedure can be applied to things other than jewelry. For example grease lamps, sheaths, utensils, knifes. Some styles you may see here can range from medieval,¬†fantasy to even steam punk. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE, if you don’t need anything made but already have something like a sword, knife, and axes. Fell free to look around and email me anything you need done and we can help you with your specific needs.

Medieval aparel and trinkets